Rotek, Inc

Aurora, Ohio

In response to rapidly growing demand for wind power components in the U.S. and throughout the world, Rotek Inc. partnered with Fogg to quickly ramp up its manufacturing capacity by adding nearly 300,000 sq. ft. of production space and tripling the size of its Aurora, Ohio campus.

  • Fogg provided critical engineering support and baseline mapping for the design and arrangement of production equipment and machinery.
  • Fogg engineered and built massive reinforced concrete machine foundations for new production equipment including a towering 5,000 ton press, 7 meter ring mill, and a 3.5 meter gear gasher.
  • Fogg designed and constructed a new high voltage distribution system for the entire campus including a new 69 KV substation with 13.4 KV open ended on-site primary distribution.
  • Fogg worked closely with Rotek to dramatically improve the flow of traffic both on and off site, to implement state of the art site access controls and security systems, to provide enhanced storm water quality best management practices, to facilitate future growth and site development, and to create an attractive unified campus consistent with their corporate vision.
  • Fogg carefully coordinated its work with Rotek’s  management and production staff to maintain uninterrupted manufacturing and logistics operations throughout the construction process.