The Sanson Company

The Sanson Company

Cleveland, Ohio

The Sanson Company, a wholesale distributor of fruits and vegetables relied on Ray Fogg Building Methods’ expertise and experience when they needed to add 60,000 sq. ft. to their existing cold storage warehouse, office and sales floor.

Fogg’s project team listened to Sanson’s vision to design a truly efficient facility that merged Sanson’s historic exterior appearance with an interior modern cooler design.  The resulting expansion not only provided the additional storage space that they needed, it also significantly improved their operational productivity and enhanced their customer’s overall sales experience.  This successful building project translated into better business for The Sanson Company.


Typical food related cooler features included:

  • Hot dipped galvanized structural steel for the cool wet environment
  • 300 ton refrigeration system with evaporators to provide cooler temps. ranging from 35°F to 55°F
  • High-speed rollup doors between coolers to minimize air flows and maintain temperature segregation
  • Energy efficient fluorescent fixtures with G.E. covguard® shatter-proof lamps in the sales area
  • Dry-pipe fire suppression system

In a post construction survey, Sanson gave Fogg’s team high honors for integrity, honesty and fairness, communications and “exceeding overall expectations.” With their 2006 expansion, The Sanson Company experienced higher than expected growth rates. In 2009, they once again turned to Fogg for another building addition to accommodate their business facility needs.

“We are excited about our additional storage capacity and the ability to provide expanded services for our customers. It was a pleasure working with the Fogg team – many thanks for the great work and completing the project on schedule for us.” -Sam Zingale, president of The Sanson Company 1/15/2010.